24 September 2018

TravelRptTravel is a 5 billion dollar industry. Travel and resort companies spend millions each year on marketing in an effort to boost awareness of their brand. Some organizations such as MGM, Marriott and Hyatt have created best-in-class online newsrooms to help leverage their news for content marketing and brand journalism.

In our recent study of travel companies and their online newsrooms, we looked at 25 of the top resorts, hotels, airlines and other associated organizations to see how their sites measured up to what journalists expect in an online newsroom. We looked at 12 criteria and compared the results with what journalists expect. 



95% of the online newsrooms we studied are mobile-enabled, which means that anyone using an iPhone or mobile device can view their content easily. Reporters on deadline need quick and easy access to news content and news consumers want to be able to share news quickly to their social accounts.


Email Alerts

Only 60% of the travel newsrooms we observed use email alerts as a way to communicate and distribute news to journalists and news enthusiasts that are interested in learning more. Yet, 90% of journalists surveyed say they want to receive email alerts to breaking news and updates from a company. A huge opportunity exists for travel companies who are not connecting directly with their constituents via email. Tremendous cost savings can be gained by reducing use of the newswire and engaging one-on-one via email and social.





Journalists and news consumers alike crave multimedia. Television stations can use B-roll video to aid in their production shows, news websites love to embed videos in their news story content and social media users are always looking for videos and images to share. 90% of journalists say images are important (75% for video) and yet only half of the travel newsrooms we studying included multimedia. 


In the News

Highlighting what other media outlets are writing about your organization is a great strategy for creating content. Subscribing to a feed that sends you updates of news mentions can help determine what stories are worth featuring on your online newsroom.


While some companies are successfully employing a content marketing strategy with their online newsroom, many are not. Travel organizations have the unique advantage of having timely, relevant built-in content throughout their company. By including news as part of their overall marketing strategy, they can not only more effectively manage their brand, they can save time and money.

Steve Momorella

Written by Steve Momorella

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