20 August 2018

We’ve all heard that content is king. However, it is a great challenge to understand exactly what content works and how often you should post. While there is no exact number of posts or exact type of content that is the most successful, there are some general guidelines that will ultimately help you be more effective.

Simply blog or write more, but you need to refine this goal into something tangible. Citing research from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), Boccamazzo notes that “companies that blog at least 15 times per month—at least every other day—get five times more traffic than companies that don’t.” If you can’t manage that volume, Boccamazzo suggests “simply adding one or two blogs a week to what you currently produce; this kind of incremental approach is simple yet effective.” The important thing is to set a goal—even one blog a week—and stick to it.

In order to get the right content in front of the the right people at the right time you have to be listening. Creating a real time content calendar using your monitoring industry news reports and actually newsjacking will ensure you keep a pulse on what is trending and you will be able to structure your content so that it can become part of the news cycle. Writing about the current hot topic will increase shares, reads, likes, etc and directly impact your SEO.

Ensure that your content is tailored to your different audiences. One standard piece that goes to everyone is not always successful- multiple versions must be available that speak to the different audiences as well as different platforms. For example a news story about a new product can be tailored to have sustainability slant for one audience or another audience might just be interested in a picture you post on Instagram. Utilize your newsroom, as well as Social Media accounts, to target these different audiences with the same news.

Re-purposing existing content. Companies that are successful with content marketing are able to repurpose an existing piece of content and break into multiple pieces. A 50 page research report is great however creating 30 infographics that can be used or posted on Instagram or tweeted not only provide content for social but provide traffic to the original research item.

Focus on Distribution. It is not enough anymore to just create targeted email lists, you have to do the marketing for them as well. Secondly, consider publishing a weekly digest to those that have opted into your email which would summarize your weekly content. Continually increase your Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media followers and create a schedule to provide consistent and frequent social posts. Lastly, consider developing relationships with bloggers to syndicate your writing. It can be tweaked as to not hurt SEO and then instead of your writing being in one place it could be in 4.

Simply put, the more content you create the better. To maximize your effectiveness, ensure that your content is timely, relevant, and useful. Focus not only on content creation, but also on cultivating relationships with other websites in your industry and journalists looking for stories. Re-purpose existing content that your organization already has to help save time. Employ some of these guidelines and you should notice some immediate results.
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Kirstin Liebhardt

Written by Kirstin Liebhardt

Marketing and Sales.

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