Is your online newsroom amazing?


  • Key elements that every amazing online newsroom has
  • Details of 25 amazing online newsrooms
  • Screen shots of amazing online newsrooms



What Makes it Amazing?

Each year we highlight 25 online newsrooms that provide a valuable resource to journalists, customers, and news consumers. A mobile-friendly, intuitive design along with relevant content are critical for a successful online newsroom.

Must Haves

Some of the “must-haves” for today’s online newsrooms are a mobile friendly design and social media integration. However, CONTENT is the most important element – news and featured stories, photos and videos, thought leadership blog posts and digital media kits.


Mobile Friendly

As you will learn in our report, more than 50% of journalists are visiting your newsroom on a mobile device. This means a responsive, mobile-friendly experience is critical for media professionals.



News stories that contain multimedia are much more likely to be read and shared across social media. Embedding images and providing links to broadcast quality video make it easier for journalists to do their job..

Want to see how an online newsroom works?

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